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American Road Runner Podcast – where half of all your riding and road runner related questions are answered; the rest are answered in the book. In the mean time enjoy the podcast and all the madness from our host Bob Marshall and, all of our Guests. All the road on 2 wheels.

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Podcast #32 Terry Madden on the inspirations of Jessi Combs

Terry Madden; a man with a new mission. After his girlfriend Jessi Combs untimely accident while chasing speed, Terry has new direction in this thing called life. Off-Road racing, Jessi Combs Foundation, HIRoAD Shop, and the future. This chit chat is very real and his story, and so much more.

Podcast #01 The Giving Motorcycle

Welcome to the American Road Runner Podcast w/Bob & Brian.
Today we talk about food on the road and Bob gives us his parody of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein
Music: “Here We Are” by Mēk


Podcast #02 Wheeled Camping

We interview fellow Stampeder Jer Jack, and discuss the good & the bad aspects of motorcycle camping.
Also, new sponsor: Ride 1K in a Day. For those marathon motorcycle fanatics that can ride 1,000 miles in a single 24 hour period.


Podcast #03 The Flying Dutchman Co

Special guest Jake from the Flying Dutchman Co. talks personal history and enlightens us about the art of auto and moto customization and creating a signature appearance that demands attention and respect.
Check out theflyingdutchmanco on Instagram as well as Ride 1K in a Day—Put your miles where your mouth is.


Podcast #04  Ms. Biker Bohls

Special guest Kelsey Bohlman enlightens us on what it’s like to be a Road Runner, a Teacher & a Woman. Bikes, gear, sights and fear. We cover topics from here to there—to underwear.


Podcast #05 Earth with D

We Interview Annette Dearth about growing up on two wheels, having a father culturally well known among the racing enthusiasts and the tips, tricks & cautions a woman that rides should know about finding shelter while on a the road.


Podcast #06 Chopper Charlie Chit Chat

Chopper Chatting with Chopper Charlie about Chopper Chit. World traveling on 2 rigid wheels with Cycle Source Article Writer and Rider Chopper Charlie. Phone interview about all things 2 chopper road runners chat about


Podcast #07 The A-Team

Autumn & Amanda (The A-Team) join us to discuss the camaraderie among women who ride their own—the Litas—and the relationships that form from life on motorcycles.


Podcast #08 Ride1k_inaday

Distance was born for us when the English set the measured mile at 5280 feet. To go a mile is exciting – to go 1000 miles on 2 wheels in 24 hour: pure adventure. Join us as we work out all the details of challenging and conquering the Ride 1 K In A Day with its fonder: Curtis Morgan.


Podcast #09 Danger Dan Talks Shop

Motorcycle Podcast Host Danger Dan chats with us about his podcasting, giveaways, racing and future adventures on 2 wheels. THIS IS THE FUNNIEST PODCAST EVER in our humble opinion.


Podcast #10 Going East to find the Old West

On this episode: we cross state lines with Annette Dearth and Bob Marshall fresh off a road trip from Tucson Arizona.


Podcast #11 Asphalt Dog

Bob & Brian welcome Corporal Rory Tom Hoon “Retired” Moto Officer of the Pomona Police Department Traffic Division.
Rory shares stories of the beloved KZ-1000 cop bike and how he earned the moniker “Asphalt Dog.” A man of Law Enforcement out making friends.


Podcast #12  Abate Riders Safety Part 1

Abate Riders Safety Part 1

Abate: American Bikers Aimed To Educate
Your Motorcyclist Rights and Safety Foundation.

In this episode we introduce the Department of Motor Vehicles California Motorcycle Handbook. Bob & Brian read and discuss motorcycle laws, safety and responsibilities of ridership. Whether you are a beginner or expert and ride a Chopper or a Vespa, it’s good to review and master safe riding practices.
Brought to you by Abate of California and the President of Abate Local 27 – Riverside, here in Southern California.


Podcast Episode Lucky #13

Speed Kings Steve
Stephen Edgar from Speed Kings Cycles gives us the dirt on how a motorcycle junkie from the California Desert becomes the founder of a thriving custom motorcycle parts organization. We talk Steve’s humble beginnings hustling Harley parts out of his garage, to hosting the Dyna Days event and his philanthropy partnerships with MOTO FAM and Ride 1 K in a Day.


Podcast Episode #14 HIPPY KILLER HOEDOWN

Hippie Killer Hoe Down 2019
We podcast live from the Hippie Killer Hoe Down at the Perris Fairgrounds.
Guests stopping by to visit the American Road Runner booth include:
1. Mike; Model Citizens.
2. Autumn: The A-Team
3. Miss Beulah Mae; Belles on Bikes and the Girl on a Moto Podcast.
4. Bomonster: the artist.
5. Candice: Inland Empire Litas
6. Kyle; friend of Max Speed Cycles
7. Tiger Becky; inland Empire Litas and Abate Local 27
8. Connie: Girl on a Moto Podcast
Stories told, laughs had and tears shed — you’ll smell the 91 octane and feel the April morning sun shining through your speakers.

With a big thanks to Kutty @hkhoedown for having us sell some books and do some podcasting at the event.


Podcast Episode #15  Turning Right: Going Left

“Filthy” Rich Silva is all about the good times competing in the Super Hooligan flat track racing series. Bob, Brian and Rich discuss what it takes to race with your left leg down, dragging a hot shoe all over the track. We also share stories about Rich’s wife, the seasoned racer: Marissa “Fuck Cancer” Silva.

Find Rich on the I.G. @goodtimesfamilyracing


Podcast Episode #16 Running With The Devil: El Diablo Run 2019

When the devil dares… do you run, or do you race and have dirt kick you in the face? Naturally, Bob Marshall chooses the latter.
Join us on this episode as Bob & Brian recap the 2019 El Diablo Run in San Felipe, Mexico. It’s an all American Road Runner adventure south of the border on a wicked rigid skoot, #27.


Podcast Episode #17 Dirty Biker

Dirty Biker
Ride a bicycle? Upgrade to a motorcycle! That’s how our guest Casey became an enthusiast. We discuss his beginnings on a fixed gear bicycle, leveling up to a Honda Ruckus and graduating to wheelies on a street bike. We re-live Casey’s thrilling crashes that teach all of us the value of safety when reveling in the American Road Runner experience. Photo credit @curt_fz



Podcast Episode #18 Roads are for Journeys and Racing

Get the low down on the throw down of the up coming, totally illegal and immoral: Ride 1K in a Day Chopper Race between our Host Bob Marshall and Traveling Chopper Charlie Weisel of Cycle Source Magazine. When not talking shit – we discuss Charlie’s new book “Roads are for Journeys”.
Find on on their website
Or on Amazon: Roads are for Journeys
@roadsareforjourneys @kaylainfernoart @charlietravelingchopper@cyclesourcemagazine @ride1knaday #podcast #americanroadrunnerpodcast #choppercharlie #cyclesourcemagazine
Produced by: @brian_philipsen @tracykphilipsen


Podcast Episode #19 Haulin Ass and Hallucinations with Crazy Jer Jack

Fresh off a seven-hundred- and fifty-mile ride from his Durango, Colorado home to – the Born Free Motorcycle Show in Southern California, fellow cross-country chopper racer: Jerimiah “Crazy Jer” Jack stops by the studio for some tacos and chit-chat. Jer thrills us with stories of the Stampede; the desperation to replace a broken bike in the middle of nowhere; hallucinations in traffic due to sleep deprivation and abandoning riding buddies when determined to win the race—or at least find the finish line before Bob, simply for bragging rights.


Podcast #20 Talking Chit about chopper racing and ride 1 k in a day

Gentleman: start your engines. On today’s podcast you’ll get the low down on the throw down between Chopper Charlie and Bob Marshall. These racers will commence the Ride 1k in a Day from different locations and meet for the Orygun Run in Oregon. With bragging rights and Dollar Store prizes on the line, who will win and who will ride home with their head hung in shame.
Follow all the action this weekend on Instagram @AmericanRoadRunner and @CharlieTravelingChopper


Podcast Episode #21 Are you Born Free, Orygun’ a Run?

We recap Born Free 2019 and the Ride 1k in a day showdown between Bob Marshall and Charlie Weisel and the Orygun Run.


Podcast #22 Dads, Gypsy Rides and Running to the Rock

Interview with Orygun Run Founder: Adam Aleksy. Chatting about all things on how to throw a true, old fashion gypsy run and his new: Run To The Rock. We talk how it all started for us and how our Dads influenced us to love the road. Don’t miss any of these tear jerking moments. Also: how did Adam and his wife Jess become the heads of the fastest selling biker event in the west? Find out on this episode of of your favorite podcast: American Road Runner.


Podcast Episode #24 Melissa Holbrook Pierson

This is a Big Deal! One of my inspirations: Melissa Holbrook Pierson, writer and rider. Author of some of my favorites: The Perfect Vehicle and: The Man Who Would Stop At Nothing. We discuss it all from writing to riding And a few personal topics of mine — in between. Enjoy my fellows.

Podcast Episode #25 Part 2 : Melissa Holbrook Pierson

Continuing our interview with our Gracious Special Guest Melissa Holbrook Pierson about all things love, life, death and riding. Also: special intro on the passing of my friend; Jessi Combs. It was a sad day today, learning of the passing of such an inspirational figure as Jessi – who died going faster then any other woman in history. May you Ride In Peace my dear friend.


Podcast #26  Beulah Mae and Her Healing Road

Part 1: Beulah Mae (A.K.A. BornMean) of Girl on a Moto Podcast and I sit down and get a few things figured out about life, loss and moving forward on 2 wheels. Hear how her motorcycle adventures of recent have empowered her to keep going down her new found road – her way. I give you my Fellows: Miss Beulah Mae



Podcast #27 Beulah Mae and Her Healing Road Part 2

Part 2 of Beulah Mae and her Healing Road. Don’t forget; advertisement and support space is currently available and being sold for just $100.00. Send us an email or DM and get the lowdown. Also we have a new Q and A section at the end of this show. Enjoy my fellows: Miss Beulah Mae from: Girl on a Moto Podcast.


Episode #28 Durango Road Reports and the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally. Also a long interview with the Jack Family of old harley choppers and motorcycle builders. Flat Track Racing and all the road in between. Enjoy my fellows.



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