Road Balm and Dust

Coming Soon: Road Balm and Dust

Road Balm: PROTECTS, LUBES AND SHINES YOU! A simple product that Bob has formulated many uses for.  Developed over years of self testing and necessity, Road Balm protects against the elements while on the road. Simply lather it on and it stays on, with only a few simple ingredients; Beeswax, White Petroleum jelly, coconut and fragrance.

Bob uses his Road Balm for:

  • Chapped anything
  • Avoiding chapped anything
  • Covering his face to keep warm and/or protection from wind-burn
  • Protecting against chaffing in all the areas
  • Before bed to sooth skin and lock in moisture for faster healing
  • For his beard
  • For his hair
  • For his hands before wrenching; helps the grease wash off easier
  • Apply to his bum before and after a long day of riding
  • Screws, nuts and bolts as lube
  • Cover entire body before riding in the cold to keep warm
  • A kickstand block on soft ground
  • Clean and polish chrome and other metals
  • Cuts and scraps
  • Lube a gas cap
  • Lube a key hole
  • Bumps and bruises
  • Throw the product at his friends
  • Give the product as a present
  • Cover his boots or shoes in it for waterproofing
  • Cover anything leather for oiling
  • Lube a sticky zipper
  • Under his nails moisturizer
  • Treat and shine seat and saddlebags
  • Over sunscreen
  • Water repellent on jeans

Road Dust: Wicks away moisture and refreshes everything. A simple dusting powder that absorbs all the bad smells and moistures the road can leave for you. Simple dust in anything and enjoy the fresh smells and clean feeling. Made with Cornstarch, Baby Powder, Baking Soda and Fragrance.

Bob uses his road dust for:

  • Applying to all parts of his body when a shower is not available
  • In place of soap in the shower
  • As a toothpaste
  • To freshen up a shirt before a night around the campfire
  • In the boots after a long days walk or ride
  • As a dry shampoo

As a deodorant or antiperspirant when mixed with Road Balm






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